Speaker Detail

Carsten Couchouron

Sports Lab Copenhagen

Carsten Couchouron is at the forefront of sports technology and innovation in the Nordic region. As the founder of Sports Lab Copenhagen, Carsten is deeply involved in developing purpose-driven sports tech solutions and initiatives. His work as a board member for Sports Hub Denmark underscores his commitment to growing the sports innovation ecosystem.

With his experience as a sports innovation consultant, researcher, startup advisor, and mentor, Carsten has become a pivotal figure in fostering a collaborative environment for sports tech development. He has been instrumental in bringing together Danish startups and celebrating their successes, as evidenced by his involvement in events like CPH Townhall and TechBBQ.
His efforts extend to international collaboration, such as his role in facilitating Nordic startups’ engagement with UEFA to create a lasting impact at the Champions League final in London. Carsten’s insight into converging sectors like sports, health, and well-being is shaping the future of Nordic sports innovation.

Carsten’s reach as an influencer is exemplified by his active participation and organization of events that connect startups, sports organizations, academics, and politicians. His work aims to enhance the visibility and success of Nordic sports tech globally, while also addressing important themes like sustainability and social inclusion.
With a strong base of over 4,000 followers, Carsten continues to share valuable discussions around Denmark’s startup ecosystem, sportstech, sports business, and sports innovation, making him a respected voice and thought leader in the field.