The Nordic Sports Innovation Summit is a landmark event that focuses on exploring the growth possibilities within the Nordic Sports Industry and its potential to bloom internationally. This event addresses the challenges of maintaining an active lifestyle during the winter months, envisioning the future of winter sports, and examining the environmental impact of these activities. We bring together researchers, industry representatives, entrepreneurs, and public institutions to inspire positive change and impact in the sports world.

One of the unique aspects of the event is that it circulates among the different Nordic countries, providing an opportunity for each country to host and focus on different topics. This rotation ensures that each country has a chance to showcase its sports innovation ecosystem and highlight its strengths. Moreover, it creates a basis for stronger sports innovation collaboration among the different Nordic countries. By sharing their expertise and learning from each other, the Nordic countries can build a more comprehensive and diverse sports innovation community.

NSIS 2023 is hosted by Norwegian Sport Tech in OSLO

The Nordic Sports Innovation Summit stands at the forefront of fostering synergy between sports, innovation, and technology. Our mission is to catalyze collaboration and leverage cutting-edge advancements to elevate the Nordic sports initiatives and active health initiatives, ensuring they are sustainable, inclusive, and accessible for all.

Hosting Tradition

Embracing the spirit of cooperation, the summit proudly rotates hosting duties among the Nordic nations. Following Denmark’s lead, this year Norway takes center stage, demonstrating the strength and dynamism of our regional partnership and shared commitment to progress.

2023 Theme

“Sports in the Winters to Come” is our guiding star this year. We focus on active health and maintaining physical activity in the winter, exploring innovative ways to inspire year-round movement among the general populace.

Target Audience

We unite academics, startups, sports professionals, public players and industry experts for transformative days of knowledge exchange. Our event is designed for those ready to shape the future of active health.

This Year’s Host

NSIS 2023 is brought to life by Norwegian Sport Tech in Oslo, marking a new chapter in this storied event series.

Join us in Oslo to forge the future of sports innovation – where every leap in technology and every stride in sustainability is celebrated. Together, let’s turn the promise of Nordic collaboration into the progress of global sports innovation.

Take advantage of our Early Bird offer!

The EARLY BIRD participation fee is EUR 295 for the two day workshop, including the Summit Dinner. LATER signup is EUR 380.

To promote and support research and development of new technologies and innovations that improve the experience of athletes, fans alike and executives.

To foster the development of new sports and recreational activities that are accessible to all, regardless of age, gender, or physical ability.

To create a vibrant ecosystem for startups and businesses in the sports tech sector, providing access to funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

To promote the use of technology and data in sports, both for performance optimization and for better decision-making in sports administration and governance.

To develop sustainable practices and technologies in sports, from the production of equipment to the hosting of events, with a focus on reducing our environmental impact.

To promote and support the education and training of the next generation of sports tech leaders and innovators.

To build strong partnerships and collaborations with sports organizations, academic institutions, and industry leaders, both within the Nordic countries and beyond.

Our Steering Committee consists of industry leaders and experts who provide guidance and input for the event. They bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience in sports, innovation, and technology to shape the future of the sports industry.

Lars Elbæk
Associate Professor and Research Leader
University of Southern Denmark
Martin Söderberg
Health & Sports Technology Initiative på Blekinge Tekniska Högskola