Speaker Detail

Håkon Ege

Collective Sports Innovation

Håkon Ege combines a passion for innovation, sustainability, and future studies as the founder of Collective Innovation, an organisation committed to addressing socioeconomic challenges for a sustainable future. His company collaborates with a spectrum of partners, from startups to governmental organisations, driving impactful change in various sectors, including sports.

Ege’s dedication to the sports industry is evident in his leadership at Norwegian Sport Tech and his consultancy role at Igloo Innovation, where he focuses on using technology and innovation for the sports sector’s growth. His work with Collective Sports Innovation further emphasises his commitment to fostering a community of sports innovators to share knowledge and bolster advancements in sports technology and business concepts.

Ege has contributed significantly to sports education and athlete development through various EU-funded projects like COMPATHELCAMP and SPRINGBOARD. These initiatives underscore his expertise in integrating technology with athlete career development, promoting entrepreneurship, and enhancing employability in the sports industry.

Through his publications and projects, Ege has established himself as a thought leader, advocating for an entrepreneurial mindset in sports businesses. His work is guided by the principle that collective efforts can forge pathways for economic growth and professional success for athletes and sports professionals alike.

In his multi-faceted career, Ege has been recognised for his project management prowess and research acumen, endorsed by colleagues and peers. He’s a driving force in sports innovation, committed to nurturing future leaders through educational resources and development programs that align with the dynamic demands of the 21st-century sports industry.