Speaker Detail

Håvard K. Bjor

Norwegian Sport Tech

Håvard K. Bjor is a vanguard in sports technology and innovation from the Nordics, with over twenty years of experience in innovation and business. As the Chairman of Norwegian Sport Tech, he steers efforts to elevate the status of sports tech in Norway and advocates for the creation of hubs across the country to bolster the sports tech ecosystem.

A former CEO with a history of leading high-tech startups to success, including a notable IPO for Elliptic Labs in 2020, Håvard has carved out a niche as a mentor to startups, sharing his extensive knowledge as a speaker and lecturer. His contributions to academia are solidified through his teachings at several universities and his published works on entrepreneurship.
Håvard’s specialties lie in fostering sports innovation and deep tech, particularly in IoT, startup processes, and financing strategies. His approach to business is marked by a dedication to the Norwegian innovation system and a passion for sports tech development. With a Master’s degree in business from the Norwegian School of Management and an advanced program from Cornell University, his expertise is well-recognized in the field.

Currently, Håvard is involved in various roles that align with his goal to drive growth in the knowledge-based industry, including serving on the boards of Klosser Innovasjon and In-Virtualis, as well as the Norwegian Turkish Business Association. His commitment to continuous learning and professional development, alongside his ability to strategize and brand, makes him a prominent figure in the intersection of sports, technology, and entrepreneurship.