Speaker Detail

Isto Vanhamäki

Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd.

Isto Vanhamäki, currently serving as the Director at Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd., is a visionary leader with a strategic mindset, driving business growth and ecosystem development in the Lahti Region of Finland. Recognized for his expertise in regional planning and international business consortiums, Isto has been instrumental in fostering business clusters, particularly in electric mobility, sports, circular economy, and food & beverage sectors. With a unique academic blend of a Master of Science in Geography, Tourism, and Environmental Sciences, and an MBA in Regenerative Leadership, Isto has cultivated a deep understanding of cross-sector business ecosystems. His additional Specialist Qualification in Foreign Trade bolsters his capabilities in international business development. In his role at LADEC, Isto’s forward-thinking approach is pivotal in uncovering new business opportunities and fields for ambitious clients, ensuring Lahti Region’s continued growth and innovation. He has over 20 years of experience in leading regional and international business activities, with particular proficiency in product development and commercialization. Isto’s work is not limited to business development; he is also deeply involved in various projects and volunteering activities, such as managing cross-country ski groups at Lahden Hiihtoseura. His multi-faceted skillset and vast experience make him a key figure in driving business innovation and sustainable growth in the Lahti region. This bio emphasizes Isto Vanhamäki’s leadership role in regional development, his unique educational background, and his extensive experience in business development, particularly in the Lahti Region. His contributions to various sectors and community involvement are also highlighted to portray a well-rounded professional profile.