Speaker Detail

Kari Leibowitz

Health Psychologist
Stanford University

Kari Leibowitz is a renowned health psychologist, mindset researcher, and an eloquent speaker and writer deeply invested in the transformative power of psychological frameworks. Dr. Leibowitz holds a PhD in Psychology from Stanford University and is an advocate for applying positive psychological principles to improve healthcare and personal well-being. She specializes in winter mindset, healthcare improvement, and everyday well-being enhancement.

At Stanford, Dr. Leibowitz’s scholarship at the Mind & Body Lab dissects how mindsets tangibly impact health, well-being, and human performance. Her Medicine Plus Mindset Training is a testament to her pioneering work, successfully integrated into Stanford Primary Care’s practice. She also instructs a unique course at Stanford Continuing Studies, “Mindsets Matter,” which equips individuals with strategies to thrive in health and performance.

With a global footprint in mindset research, Leibowitz’s Fulbright scholarship allowed her to explore the Nordic attitudes toward winter, contributing to her expertise in seasonal mindsets. Her prior role as Program Coordinator for the Emory-Tibet Partnership showcases her versatility, from organizing the Dalai Lama’s visit to leading the Tibetan Mind/Body Sciences program.
Dr. Leibowitz’s thought leadership extends to influential publications like The New York Times and The Atlantic, where she discusses utilizing stress constructively and nurturing positive seasonal mindsets. When not engaged in academic pursuits, she enjoys creative escapades with her dog Zeus, crafting pottery, and an unwavering enthusiasm for literature.