Speaker Detail

Kristof De Mey

Business Developer
Ghent University

Kristof De Mey stands at the intersection of sports, technology, and innovation, serving as a pivotal figure at Ghent University in Belgium. With a mission-driven focus, he shapes the future of health and sports technology through his work at Victoris, where he orchestrates a symphony of multidisciplinary collaboration. His expertise extends to educating future leaders as he leads a course in Sports Technology & Innovation, crafting a curriculum that merges academic rigor with industry demands.

As the Program Manager of SportUp, he steers the Flemish sports tech startup accelerator, fostering an ecosystem where entrepreneurs transform groundbreaking ideas into scalable ventures. His foundational work with Sportamundi vzw signifies his dedication to aiding non-profit sports organizations through digital transformation, benefiting communities at large.
With a global vision, Kristof founded the Sports Tech Research Network, cultivating a worldwide community dedicated to scientific advancement in sports. His voice echoes beyond academia as the host of the Sports Tech Research Podcast, where he brings fresh perspectives and insights from a spectrum of industry and academic luminaries.

Kristof also contributes significantly to the broader conversation on sports and technology as a conference host and thought leader, including the organization of a comprehensive summit on science-based sports technology. His academic background, with a PhD in Health Sciences from Ghent University, underpins his contributions to the field, ensuring his approaches are grounded in solid research and practical efficacy.
Outside of his professional sphere, Kristof expresses his creativity through “GEDEURFD,” a collaborative art project with his wife, demonstrating an innovative reclamation of history and community storytelling through architectural design. He invites open conversations over coffee to explore potential synergies, always eager to expand his extensive network with like-minded professionals and enthusiasts in the sportstech realm.