Speaker Detail

Lars Elbæk

Associate Professor and Research Leader
University of Southern Denmark

Lars Elbaek, an esteemed Associate Professor and Research Leader at the University of Southern Denmark, has dedicated over two decades to advancing physical education pedagogy and the integration of digital tools in movement learning. With a PhD in Physical Education Pedagogy and a Master’s degree in Physical Education from the University of Copenhagen, Lars has carved a niche in the academic world, blending his passion for sports psychology and teaching with cutting-edge research.
In his 24-year tenure at the University of Southern Denmark, Lars has focused on the innovative use of digital tools in physical education, particularly in intervention studies using action research methods. His expertise lies in developing educational strategies through interventions and collaborative work, emphasizing digital literacy in physical education.
Lars played a pivotal role as a Lab Manager in the “Play and Learning – Kids n’ Tweens Lifestyle” project, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at understanding the lifestyle of children and adolescents. This project, notable for its comprehensive approach to youth lifestyle, was pivotal in shaping future products and services for this demographic.

As an educator, Lars has made significant contributions to the field of physical education. His research work extends to developmental research in physical education, using interventions, and collaborative documentation primarily through action research methods. His efforts have greatly impacted the way physical education is perceived and taught, bridging the gap between traditional methods and modern digital approaches.
Lars’s commitment to his field is further exemplified through his 13-year tenure as a trainer and gymnast at Svendborg Gymnastikforening and his early career as a teacher at Vojens Ungdomsskole. His journey in academia and sports has been marked by a constant pursuit of innovation and excellence, influencing countless students and professionals in the field of physical education.
With 37 endorsements in teaching and a significant following in the academic community, Lars Elbaek continues to be a leading figure in the world of sports education and digital innovation. His contributions to the field, both in research and practice, have been instrumental in shaping modern approaches to physical education and sports psychology.