Speaker Detail

Martin Söderberg

Health & Sports Technology Initiative på Blekinge Tekniska Högskola

Martin Söderberg has been a driving force at the Blekinge Institute of Technology for over fifteen years, dedicating his expertise to bridging the gap between academia, business, and practical needs in the health and sports sectors. His current role as a project coordinator for the Health & Sports Technology Initiative showcases his ability to lead innovative projects that aim to deliver cutting-edge products and services.
Martin’s leadership extends to his position as a project manager and coach, where he applies his project management skills to push the envelope in sports and health. His approach is characterized by flexibility, innovation, and a strategic focus on project work and coaching. These attributes have been crucial in establishing a robust Swedish network that catalyzes innovation in sports and health technology.

With a Master of Science in Sports Science from Mid Sweden University, Martin combines academic rigor with practical application, ensuring that the projects he leads are grounded in solid research and geared towards tangible outcomes. His education in coaching and sports management from Linnéuniversitetet has provided him with a broad understanding of the sports industry, which he leverages to foster growth and development in the field.

Martin’s work reflects a commitment to project leadership characterized by flexibility and innovation, driving forward the Health & Sports Technology sector in Sweden. His role at the Blekinge Institute of Technology allows him to contribute significantly to the sports tech conversation while nurturing the next generation of sports innovation.