Speaker Detail

Pål Kristen Rønnevik

Director of Modernization and Digitization
Norwegian Sports Federation

Pål Kristen Rønnevik is a forward-thinking leader at Norges Idrettsforbund, where he spearheads modernization and digitization efforts. With a vision to simplify the administrative and operational challenges in Norwegian sports, Pål has been instrumental in driving digital strategy and implementing technology solutions that streamline processes and enhance communication.

His expertise in digital business development is complemented by a robust understanding of corporate performance management and a keen aptitude for fostering a culture of innovation. Pål’s strategic use of technology within organizations has led to effective change management and continuous process improvement, demonstrating his capability to deliver sustainable business value.

As a Director of Administration at Norsk Sykepleierforbund, he oversaw IT, finance, and membership functions, significantly enhancing organizational innovation and digitalization. Under his leadership, the administration adopted IT as a strategic tool, thereby modernizing engagement and service delivery to over 103,000 members.

Pål holds a legal degree from the University of Oslo and has furthered his education in business, focusing on e-enterprise, innovation, and management. His legal acumen, particularly in GDPR, fortifies his comprehensive skill set in navigating the intersection of law, technology, and sports.

Known for his high-profile management abilities, Pål excels in capital budgeting, project management, strategic planning, and risk management. His interpersonal communication skills ensure seamless collaboration with business stakeholders, IT staff, and vendors.

Outside his core professional endeavors, Pål volunteers as an advisor, sharing his expertise with sports clubs to develop talent at local and international levels. His ability to cultivate high-performing teams and manage large budgets reflects his extensive leadership skills and his dedication to excellence in the sports industry.