Speaker Detail

Ridvan Ekmekci

Professor - Mental Performance
Pamukkale University

Prof. Dr. Ridvan Ekmekci is a distinguished professor at Pamukkale University, where he has made significant contributions to sports sciences. His expertise and experience in sports management and psychology have positioned him as a respected mentor and research assistant, guiding new frontiers in sports technology and neuroscience.

Dr. Ekmekci’s work involves rigorous research and practical applications, focusing on the cognitive levels of athletes to understand the role of mental strength in performance. His studies often explore the intersection of neuroscience and sports psychology, aiming to enhance athletic performance through mental training and exercises.

He is an active participant in academic congresses and has received positive feedback for his innovative approach to integrating sports psychology with cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Ekmekci’s contributions to sports and psychology events highlight his commitment to applying theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, particularly in managing stress and anger in sports.
Prof. Dr. Ekmekci’s mentorship has been invaluable to students and colleagues, fostering a supportive and insightful academic environment. His efforts in shaping the practical field of sports psychology are recognized as both affirming and motivating by his peers and the academic community.

His focus on bridging the gap between theory and application is reflected in his use of biofeedback devices and EEG to monitor and improve the cognitive states of athletes. This methodological approach signifies his dedication to evidence-based practices and his leading role in advancing mental training in sports.