Speaker Detail

Simon Laugsand

Abel Technologies

Simon Laugsand is a pioneer in the intersection of public health, technology, and collaboration. As a co-founder and the CEO of ABEL Technologies AS, a health technology company based in Tromsø, he’s dedicated to simplifying the work lives of healthcare professionals and enriching the health and well-being of people globally. Since its inception in 2017, Simon has led ABEL Technologies with a vision to make good health, functionality, and self-confidence accessible to as many individuals as possible.

Under Simon’s leadership, ABEL Technologies has grown to a nearly 50-strong international team committed to developing technology and infrastructure that streamline healthcare workflows and facilitate more effective patient treatment through interdisciplinary collaboration. The company upholds three core values of loyalty, hard work, and ambition, which are the bedrock of all their decisions and have been instrumental in delivering value to end-users, clients, employees, and partners since day one.

With a long-term outlook and a commitment to making the world a better place, Simon advocates for collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations that share ABEL’s values. He believes in the power of community and mutual support, which is why ABEL maintains personal contact with all clients and partners, fostering a network of people united in their mission to help each other.
Simon encourages those who resonate with ABEL’s mission and values to reach out and explore opportunities for collaboration, investment, or employment.