Speaker Detail

Søren Willeberg

Director of Communication and Marketing
Dansk Firmaidrætsforbund

Søren Willeberg is a seasoned director with expertise in communication and marketing at the Danish Company Sports Association (Dansk Firmaidrætsforbund). His dynamic leadership style and forward-thinking approach have cemented the organization’s status in promoting active lifestyles across Denmark’s corporate sector.

With an education from DTU – Technical University of Denmark, Søren has honed a strategic outlook that marries academic insights with practical application in the field of sports. His tenure at Team Denmark as a Communications Manager saw a decade of shaping the national sports conversation and contributing to the vibrant Danish sports landscape.
Søren’s earlier role in the Ministry of Culture of Denmark as a ‘fuldmægtig’ enriched his experience in the public sector, reinforcing his commitment to fostering sports and culture. His stint as a high school teacher in outdoor life and ball games showcases his grounding in on-field sports education.

As a visionary in sports administration, Søren’s current role involves orchestrating workshops that blend research and practice, advocating for seamless collaboration between academia and sports organizations. His efforts aim to create synergy and maximize value in fostering healthy work lives through sports.

Volunteer work in board memberships and his tenure at Korsør Cabel Park reflect Søren’s dedication to community and health through active engagement and leadership. He brings to the table a wealth of experience in public relations and social media, underscoring his ability to connect, engage, and inspire through varied communication channels.
Søren’s recommendations from colleagues attest to his prowess in creating and nurturing collaborative environments, underpinned by trust and shared objectives. His drive for bringing about substantive change in the digital age, with a keen focus on inclusivity and ethical practices, makes him a formidable presence in the sports and health industry.