Speaker Detail

Stina Lundgren Högbom

Sportstech Sweden

Stina Lundgren Högbom is an influential figure in the sports and health technology ecosystem, known for her exceptional ability to foster innovation and inspire through her work. With a PhD in Medical Biochemistry from the Karolinska Institute, Stina has an extensive background in biochemistry, sports science, and economics, underpinning her expertise in entrepreneurship, innovation, and coaching.
Currently, Stina serves as the Global Relationship Manager at the Health and Sports Initiative, where she seamlessly integrates her passions for innovation, health, and research. Her international experience, including studies at the University of Tennessee on an athletic scholarship and time spent in Silicon Valley, has provided her with a unique perspective on global innovation trends.
In 2019, she was the Program Manager for SPIN Accelerator Sweden, focusing on accelerating SportsTech startups towards personal and societal sustainability. This role utilized her experience in Silicon Valley, enabling her to guide startups through the intricacies of innovation in the sports technology sector.

Apart from her professional endeavors, Stina is deeply involved in the Swedish Jujutsu Federation as a Board Member, promoting the sport and working towards building a national team for international competitions. Her role at Sting, as Head of Startup and External Relations, further showcases her commitment to nurturing startup communities and building robust partnerships in the startup ecosystem.
Stina’s foundational work in establishing SportsTech Sweden, a member organization for startups and investors in Sweden, is a testament to her dedication to making Swedish SportsTech globally renowned. Her role as Director of Sports Technology and Innovation at Svexa involves establishing crucial collaborations in health and sports at regional, national, and international levels.
In addition, Stina’s involvement with the Stockholm School of Economics as a Senior Advisor at the Center for Sports and Business highlights her focus on sports innovation and the development of the Nordic SportsTech ecosystem.